The Wash Crew
Marble and Granite Polishing and Honing

How do I clean it? Does it need to be sealed? What about regular cleaners - can I still use them?

Your stone is beautiful so using ordinary household cleaners just won't do, they're too harsh and may damage the surface. If preserving your Natural Stone is important to you, it pays to be selective, very selective about what products you use and when you use them. Our Marble and Granite care products are of the highest quality.

We're there for your important routine maintenance cleaning, polishing, sealing  AND we're there for those unanticipated problems. Perhaps you've been using water and soap to clean your kitchens counter tops and you now have a soap film build up. Or, someone spilled a soft drink on your marble floor and its caused a dull spot to appear. We have the solution for you so Call The Wash Crew Now!

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"We Clean It All For You"